Sketch MVa public drawing event

sketch by Elizabeth R. Whelan

What is Sketch MV?

Sketch MV is a good excuse to practice drawing and sketching! Most summer months we meet at different locations on Martha's Vineyard. It's free and very casual - stay as long as you like, drop in when you can! Bring your sketchbook or drawing pad, and favorite drawing or painting stuff. This isn't a class, just a chance to have some fun! For more details see the FAQ below.

sketch by Elizabeth R. Whelan

Where does Sketch MV meet?

For 2018 we'll start Sketch MV in May, meeting early on Saturday mornings. All locations will be on Martha's Vineyard and will be posted here and on social media. If rain is forecast we will meet on the Sunday instead, and I will post the change here.

sketch by Elizabeth R. Whelan

Who can participate?

Everyone! This is a free event open to the public. All ages, all abilities, whether you are a professional, a doodler, an enthusiast, or have never sketched before! No competition, no pressure, just a chance to spend a few hours drawing or painting. See below for ideas of what to bring.
Come early to find a good location!

Q & A about Sketch MV

  • Please tell me about Sketch MV +

    Sketch MV is a sketching event hosted by artist Elizabeth Whelan. Starting in June of 2016, she began meeting up on an irregular basis with anyone interested in spending a few hours sketching around Martha's Vineyard. To make it interesting, she picks a different outdoor location for each meet-up. It's free and open to everyone. This is not a class or a workshop, just a good excuse to dust off the sketchbook and remember how much fun it is to draw!

    You don't have to show your work to anyone, there is no competition, no pressure, no deadline, no rules. Stay for the whole morning or drop in, it's up to you!

    Bring your paper, pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolors, whatever you want to use. (See below for a list of ideas of what to bring.)

    All Sketch MV locations will be on or close to the VTA bus route, so no need to bring a car!

    (A note: all ages are welcome but there will be no supervision, this is a very 'free range' event! Please accompany younger children.)

    Hope to see you there!
  • What should I bring to Sketch MV? +

    If you have sketched outdoors before, you know that less is usually more when it comes to sketching on location. Travel light.

    Here are some recommendations:
    Paper! - a sketchbook or regular paper on a clipboard
    Pencils - no need to get fancy, but if you have some that have harder and softer leads, bring a couple of different ones
    Eraser - for 'un-drawing'!
    Pencil sharpener (or a bunch of sharpened pencils!)

    Some 'useful but not essential' items:
    Binder clips - these will be useful to stop your pages flipping about in a breeze
    Drawing stump or q-tips - for blending

    For those of you with more sketching experience, you might try:
    Charcoal pencils, colored pencils, or conte crayons - if you are using toned paper, a white charcoal pencil or conte crayon is great for highlights
    Watercolor set with brush and water, and a paper towel or two

    And some non-drawing recommendations:
    Insect repellent
    Cushion or folding chair/stool -- there are benches and places to sit, but you might want to bring your own so that you can pick your own spot.
    Water to drink (food and beverages are available in the area)
  • Please tell me more about the next location for Sketch MV +

    The busy 2017 summer has come to an end! So stay tuned for the 2018 schedule. A hint though -- it is likely to start off at the Field Gallery in West Tisbury!
  • How do we find Elizabeth Whelan at Sketch MV? +

    I will be easy to spot in a pink polo shirt and pink ballcap!
    I'll have some sketch examples with me if you aren't sure how to get started, and I am happy to help people find a good location or pick a place to start.
    This isn't a class or a workshop, but I am happy to help anyone who wants input or to talk art in general.
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