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July 19, 2017 - Gwyn McAllister

"It won’t just be the artwork, but the artists themselves who will be the focus of a unique exhibit at the Grange Hall this weekend. Elizabeth Whelan has put together a group show featuring the work of 24 local painters and illustrators, accompanied by portraits of the two dozen artists painted by Ms. Whelan. Every 15 minutes during the day, she will unveil a portrait — displaying it for the first time to the public as well as to the subject. “I had the idea about a year and a half ago,” says Ms. Whelan. “I wanted to do it as a sort of thank-you to all of the artists who have given me help over the years — showing up at openings or giving me advice on hanging work or just generally being supportive. I thought that the best thing that I could do to help out the artists was to give them a little promotion.” Among the participants are established professionals such as Ken Vincent, Jeanne Staples, and Max Decker, as well as up-and-coming painters like RISD student Jack Yuen. Also included are a couple of illustrators — Omar Rayyan and Dan Cooney — whose work is not the usual gallery fare..." READ MORE