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Elizabeth R Whelan

Elizabeth R. Whelan

Artist & Painter

Elizabeth R. Whelan is a UK-born artist and portrait painter. She grew up in Canada and completed her education in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since then, the Chesapeake Bay and New England coastlines have been her home.

For many years Elizabeth Whelan lived aboard a Bristol sailboat and she feels a particular connection to maritime life. She currently works from a studio in, coincidentally, the Elizabeth Islands of Massachusetts, not far from Martha's Vineyard, and a catboat is now her transportation of choice.

Her award-winning fine art paintings and portraits are rendered in oil on canvas. Elizabeth Whelan enjoys a narrative or portrait d'apparat approach to portraiture and figurative painting. By including objects and surroundings from a person's daily life she enhances the viewer's understanding of their world. A classic palette and realistic details help to bring the subject to life in a timeless manner, while the painting as a whole maintains a contemporary feel.

Whelan's observation of detail carries over into her other works, with subjects ranging from still life and landscape to maritime, agricultural, and botanical. Her background in illustration helps her identify compositions with strong design and interesting subject matter. She works with local, national and international clients.

Supporting the local art and artisan communities with an interest in preserving heritage and mastery, many of her paintings showcase those who are highly skilled at creating work by hand. She espouses creativity, self-reliance, compassion and curiosity.

Elizabeth R. Whelan is represented on Martha's Vineyard by The Field Gallery in West Tisbury, and in the Boston area by Francesca Anderson Fine Art/Portraits North in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Member: Portrait Society of America (Patron), Cecelia Beaux Forum, Oil Painters of America, Seed Savers Exchange.

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    A painted portrait in oil on canvas makes an excellent gift for a loved one or family member, as a retirement gift, for commemorative purposes or as a gesture of recognition. A popular option is to reserve a sitting by purchasing a gift certificate for a portion of the portrait fee. An elegant gift certificate will be sent to you to present to the recipient. Contact Elizabeth Whelan to discuss your portrait gift idea, and see the Process & Fees pages for more information!
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